Thoughts Towards Women

Thoughts Towards Women

Mankind does not happen without womankind who just had their day in court. The court’s verdict is that all human history shall be rewritten by changing how the human species views its accomplishments by calling it Humankind. We cannot say that about Mankind because men would have killed themselves off without a woman’s moral support and levelheaded point of view.

You have to admit Wo-men are equal to men. Mankind would not be here if women were not partnering with them. The WO in wo-men does not mean women should be Written Out of mankind’s accomplishments. It should be clear as day to see that WO (i.e. Without Wo-men) men would have already been WO, Wiped Off the planet Earth. If you were fair-minded and even-handed, you would agree that women are equal to men.

In any good marriage, a woman’s voice is equal to man’s voice. The same should be true in our open society. Yes, women count as much as men. They count even more than men do, if you consider that women can do what men have considered to be “their domain” of feats, work, sports, business accomplishments, and bearing children. You have to admit Women are equal to men.

“Women give men moral support by believing in a man’s passion and motivating them to meet their destiny. A woman can defeat a man twice her size. A woman’s emergency hormone adrenaline effect will allow her to lift a car if a loved one is pinned underneath. The “fight or flight” mechanism spurred by adrenaline for primitive woman/mothers allowed them to defend their children while the man was away hunting.

Over 2000 years ago in Sparta a man could take a woman by force as a wife. If she could defeat him, it was the woman’s choice. Women had an equal voice in ancient times in some civilizations. These civilizations were stronger because of this equality. We still have many of our primitive traits; for example, your peripheral vision is far wider than you would think.

Self-defense is often up to you when it matters the most. Sexual assault might happen less if a person knows self-defense or carries another form of defense. An important item next to your bed should be your car keys. So if you hear someone in your house or someone bothers you as you walk to your car, just click the horn button on your key ring. Pressing the horn button may startle the intruder.

Having your car keys in your hand with the ignition key extended between two fingers is much better than holding onto your cell phone, which can easily be knocked out of your hand. If you are assaulted… scream out the word “Fire” not “Rape”. People respond better to the word ‘fire’ because it may affect their safety. If all else fails sexual predators love to be in control. If you grab their privates, they may be startled enough for you to escape.

If you are independent, strong, weak, confident, intelligent, average, old-fashioned, athletic, fashionable, or style less, these attributes or your size, shape, or attire should not diminish your femininity/beauty/essence, nor should your femininity/beauty/essence diminish your equality. I believe in the equalism movement for all humans, race, color sexuality, absence of required roles, labels, or behaviors that gender may require.

The average woman does eighty percent of the buying, is more intelligent, better at multi-tasking, budgeting, prioritizing than the average man. Forty- two percent of the heads of family households are woman and many of them have a full time job. Women in the USA earn approximately seventy-seven percent of what a man earns for the same jobs. If we change our perception, we may discover that the pendulum should swing to the opposite direction where men earn seventy-seven percent of what women earn. Now, that’s good karma.”

— Brian Michael Good, author

Passage is a complete chapter from Never Surrender Your Soul “your very essence”

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Never Surrender to Mankind’s Terror, Be a Survivor, SURVIVE one day at a time knowing that no one can defeat Humankind. Humanity can only defeat themselves.

If You Want Peace.

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“Universal Values to Live By are meant to be a guide, a map for when we choose to use our free and detour from the path we were taught to walk on earlier in our life.

Free will is our greatest gift after life itself, that being said, Free Will must exercised wisely. As much as is humanly possible. ”

— Brian Michael Good

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